December 1, 2018

Ghana’s Financial and Insurance Sector is in Crisis

Ghana’s Financial and Insurance Sector is in Crisis Ghana’s financial system underwent rapid growth and major transformation over the last two decades, which brought new opportunities and risks. The government implemented reforms to enhance the financial system’s resilience to shocks and its contribution to economic growth. The reforms were also aimed at strengthening the regulatory and supervisory framework and financial infrastructures. Despite these reforms, financial stability risks have heightened considerably in the last few years, with high nonperforming loans, under-capitalization, supervision and regulatory weaknesses, and governance lapses. As a result, the country’s financial sector is in crisis, with most Ghanaians […]
August 18, 2022

IFS’ Assessment of the Government of Ghana’s Fiscal Consolidation Efforts in the Face of the Rapidly Deteriorating Macroeconomic Environment

Finance Minister Ken Ofori-Atta presented the mid-year review of the 2022 budget statement to Parliament on Monday, July 25, 2022. As expected, the review contained revisions to the 2022 macroeconomic forecasts, in light of economic developments since the 2022 budget was announced in November last year. More importantly, it revised the 2022 fiscal projections to take account of budgetary outcomes in the first half of the year, aimed at putting Ghana on a fiscal consolidation path, as a means of addressing the rising macroeconomic instability the country is currently witnessing. Having registered large fiscal deficits in the past decade, which […]