IFS National Pension Dialogue
July 2, 2019
IFS’ Assessment of 2019 Mid-Year Fiscal Policy Review
August 6, 2019

Press Conference: IFS’ Review of the Economy ahead of the Mid-Year Budget Presentation

The Minister of Finance, Mr Ken Ofori-Atta, is expected to present a Mid-Year Review Statement on the 2019 Budget to Parliament in the next few days. To provide context for public discussion of this important policy statement, the IFS has undertaken a thorough review of the economy. The review examines developments in economic growth, macroeconomic stability, fiscal policy, and the public debt since 2017. It further analyses the characteristics of the economic growth that has been experienced in the period and its implications for employment and incomes. The review further examines macroeconomic stability, fiscal policy performance and public debt and concludes with some important recommendations for consideration by policymakers.

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