Enhancing Revenue Mobilization in Ghana through Tax Compliances
January 14, 2019
Strong Economic Growth And Significant Reduction In Unemployment: The Critical Issues To Address In Ghana’s 2019 Budget [Occasional Paper 17]
January 16, 2019

IFS Ghana’s Post-2019 Budget Press Statement

Leslie Mensah delivering post 2019 budget statement

IFS Ghana’s Post-2019 Budget Press Statement

Ahead of the reading of the 2019 budget, IFS presented its views and expectations in key areas in a press conference. After the reading, the Institute has assessed the budget in light of its expectations. The Institute is once again meeting with the press to comment on issues it deems pertinent. The presentation will cover:

  • Economic Growth and Job Creation;
  • Fiscal Policy Stance and Realism of the Projections;
  • Domestic Revenue Mobilization;
  • Expenditure Control and Rationalization;
  • Infrastructure Development and financing; and
  • Exiting IMF Financial Program and Legislating Fiscal Responsibility.

Our statement is intended to contribute to the public discussions as well as the debate that will take place in Parliament prior to the approval of the budget.

Read the full statement here