Ghana’s Growing Public Debt and Its Implications for the Economy
March 12, 2018
Economic Shocks And Growth 
In Post-Independence Ghana, 1957 To 2017 [Occasional Paper 14]
May 9, 2018

Ghana’s Economic Development: Past, Present and the Future.

Fiscal Alert 12: Ghana’s Economic Development: Past, Present and the Future.

After a successful implementation of an unprecedented program of economic recovery over a decade, perceived by the international community as an example of adjustment with growth and a model for the rest of Africa, Ghana held its first multi-party elections in 1992, taking a decisive step to return to multi-party democratic rule.

This paper focuses on Ghana’s economic development since the return to multi-party democracy in 1993. It starts with a review of economic management during the transition period (1992) to provide the context for the move to multi-party democracy. This is followed by a discussion of the challenges of the economic policy reforms and development since then, the main achievements and failures. Finally, the paper looks at the critical issues to address in rethinking the country’s development going forward.

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